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Vuoren Valppaat is a Finnish local scout group, operating in the Munkkivuori area in Helsinki.

For the time being, our scout groups are primarily operating in Finnish. However, we're open for all, no matter the language spoken. Please do contact us if you would like to help us organise scouting activities e.g. in English, or any other language, as well!

All children from the age of 7, youngsters or adults can become scouts or guides! Children under the age of 7 can participate in our family scouting activities (Perhepartio) with their parents.

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The Finnish scout groups are divided by age followingly:

Our scouting activities are not bound to a certain religion (as in some parts of the world this could be the case). We welcome each and everyone, regardless of background!

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For all the scouting activities in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area:

Helsinki Metropolitan Area Guides and Scouts (Pääkaupunkiseudun Partiolaiset, abbreviated PäPa)


Phone: 09-8865 1200